Financial support for children leaving social care

This financial support is granted to children who are leaving social care, in accordance with special regulations, and are exposed to the risk of poverty, economic instability, health risks risk of social exclusion on grounds of upbringing, education or culture

What is the financial support amount?

The support is awarded in the amount of up to 1.990,84 EUR (HRK 15,000.00) per individual application for the support.

What are the requirements you need to meet to receive the support?

The support is granted based on the relevant documentation which proves that the following requirements are simultaneously met:
  • The applicant is a Croatian citizen
  • The applicant has permanent residence in the Republic of Croatia
  • The average monthly income per member of the shared household generated in the previous calendar year and in the last three months which can be proved) in the current calendar year prior to filing the application for the support did not exceed 309,01 EUR (HRK 2,328.20)
  • The applicant was not granted nor uses the same or similar support/right from another legal and/or natural person.

What documentation is required?

For the purpose of exercising your right to the support and proving that you meet the aforementioned requirements to be granted the support, you need to submit the following documents:
  • a validly filled in and signed application for the support (Documents)
  • a photocopy of the current account card (both sides) of the applicant for the support (the bank name, name and surname of the current account holder and IBAN have to be visible)
  • a photocopy of the applicant’s ID card (both sides)
  • appropriate documentation proving the facts in following application (proof of exit from the system of care)
  • a Statement on household members signed in one’s own handwriting (Statement)
  • a photocopy of a certificate of income and receipts for the previous calendar year and the last three months of the current calendar year issued by the competent Tax Administration branch for all members of the shared household over the age of 15
  • a Statement on (not) being a beneficiary of the same or similar support (Statement)
  • a certificate, offer or pro forma invoice for which the support is requested (this document does not have to be provided for procurement of clothing and footwear, toiletries, food and other supplies necessary for the child’s growth and development). 

How to apply?

You can file the apllication for the support with the enclosed documentation in several ways: