Co-financing projects and programmes of legal persons

The Croatia for Children Foundation (co)finances projects and programmes of legal persons and financial support is provided to projects and programmes aimed at wellbeing of and support to children and youth with the help of various activities of vital importance to their growth and development

All information about financing programmes and projects of legal persons can be found on the link Legal persons, while current tenders are published on the link Legal persons—tenders.

In the year in which a public tender and/or public call is published, the Foundation may directly (co)finance projects and programmes of legal persons without publishing a public call or public tender. This type of financing is possible, among other things, for the purpose of awarding one-time financial support up to 663,61 EURA (HRK 5,000.00). The right to this type of support may be exercised once a year if the legal person has not been granted support on other grounds in the total amount of 46.452,98 EURA (HRK 350,000.00) from the “Croatia for Children” Foundation in the same calendar year until the moment of filing the application for the support. You can read more about this on the link Award of one-time allowances of small value.