Tourism Inspectorate

You can report any irregularities regarding the performance and provision of catering activities and/or tourism-related services to the Tourist Inspectorate

The Tourism Inspectorate inspects the application of laws and other regulations governing the manner and conditions under which legal and natural persons perform or provide catering services and/or tourism-related services, and the registration and deregistration of tourists, as well as billing, collection and payment of tourist tax. The Tourism Inspectorate also performs inspections in cases of unregistered provision of catering and tourism-related services.

Moreover, the Tourism Inspectorate also inspects the implementation of other regulations as prescribed by special laws, such as the Act on Restriction of the Use of Tobacco and Related Products, where tourism inspectors verify statutory compliance of providers of catering and tourism-related services.

You can also report to the Tourism Inspectorate any irregularities related to the unregistered provision of catering and tourism-related services.

As of 1 April 2019, with the entry into force of the State Inspectorate Act, the Tourism Inspectorate will also perform inspections of unregistered catering activities or services, as well as unregistered provision of tourism-related services.
If a tourist inspector performing investigative or inspection activities should establish the existence of reasonable suspicion that activities are performed or services are provided within a facility which are not covered by a decision or approval of the competent authority, and the supervised person fails to enable the inspector to inspect the premises, the inspector will request, in case of a danger of delay, the competent misdemeanour court to issue a written order for a search of the facility in which the inspector will participate.

Conditions of Business Operations of Legal and Natural Persons under Jurisdiction of the Tourism Inspectorate and Protection of Service Users

With the aim of raising the quality of business operations of caterers and providers of catering and tourism-related services, as well as reducing the number of violations in the business operations of legal and natural persons controlled by the Tourist Inspectorate, caterers and providers of catering and tourism-related services may use guidelines prepared for that purpose. The guidelines also indicated the rights of users of catering and tourism-related services.

Guidelines for Caterers, Providers and Users of Catering and Tourism-Related Services

Reporting to the Tourism Inspectorate

The Tourism Inspectorate also bases its inspection activities on the received reports containing information on the notifier, substantially indicating actions contrary to the regulations pertaining to the competence of the tourism inspection.
In order for tourism inspectors to be able to perform inspections more effectively on the basis of a report, it shall contain, at a minimum, the following information:
  • full name and residence address of the notifier
  • basic information on the catering and/or tourism facility/entity responsible for the reported illegal activities (full name, address of the facility/entity)
  • a factual description of the reported illegal activities.

Protection of the Notifier's Identity

Tourism inspectors are obligated to keep the identity of the notifier secret during the performance of inspection activities, except when their identity is important for the performance of the inspection, and the notifier has provided written consent for the disclosure of their identity (e.g. where the report is related to the reimbursement of an excessively charged service, or partial/incomplete fulfilment of obligations of a travel agency related to a package tour / excursion).

Tourism inspectors are also obligated to keep all personal and other confidential information disclosed to them during the performance of their duty secret in accordance with the regulations governing data protection and confidentiality.

Initiation of an Inspection Performed by a Tourism Inspector

The inspector conducts the inspection and initiates the procedure ex officio.

If the tourism inspector performs an inspection on the basis of a report, they will inform the notifier in writing regarding the established factual situation and the measures taken.

If the tourism inspector is not competent to act upon the received report, they will submit it to the effectively competent state administration body and inform the notifier in writing thereof.

If the notifier re-submits a report which does not contain new decisive facts, circumstances or evidence in relation to the ones already established, the notifier will be informed that the report has been acted upon.

Registration of Serving Food, Drinks and Beverages

The Catering Industry Act (Article 6(1) (5)) provides for the obligation to register the preparation and serving of food, drinks and beverages organized by associations of volunteer firemen for their members, members of other fire organizations and citizens, within their business premises and facilities, during firefighting competitions, anniversaries and other firefighting events, to the Tourism Inspectorate of the State Inspectorate, according to the association's registered office, no later than three days prior to the start of these events, by submitting the “OB-TI” form (for associations of volunteer firemen). 

Submitting a Report to the Tourism Inspectorate

Reports can be sent to the following address: Državni inspektorat, Šubićeva 29, 10 000 Zagreb or via Reports.
The notifier will be informed regarding the established facts and the measures taken in writing no later than 30 days from the date of the establishment of the facts.