eTourism Portal

As an integrated IT system, the eTourism Portal provides access to eServices in tourism to all citizens

Croatian digital tourism (or eTourism) is a unique project of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports that connects all services in the domain of tourism for the first time in the Republic of Croatia. This is a unique and modern IT system that makes these services available to users 24/7.

eTourism is an integrated IT system intended for eServices in tourism, and is aimed at further developing tourism and hospitality services in the Republic of Croatia through digitization and optimization of all processes in tourism, but also bringing communication and business activities between citizens and public administration in tourism to a more active and higher level.
Croatian digital tourism connects the procedures of several public administration bodies into an integrated state IT system intended for the following public eServices:
  • Central register of hospitality and services in tourism
  • Registration of activities and starting a business in the field of tourism and hospitality
  • System for awarding available subsidies in tourism.
The service provides individuals and legal entities with the possibility of submitting applications for registration of activities and starting a business, as well as applications for subsidies in the field of tourism and hospitality.
By registering via the eCitizens system, you can use the following functionalities:
• Submit an application and register an activity
• Submit an application for subsidies and view available subsidies.