Agricultural Holdings

The Registry of Agricultural Holdings is the registry of farmers, and registering with the Registry is the first step in obtaining state aid

Use of Pesticides

Plant protection products shall be applied in accordance with the instructions, warnings and information indicated on the packaging.

Protection of Autochthonous Products

Learn how to protect autochthonous products at the national and EU level

Fisheries Inspectorate of the Ministry of Agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture has competence over a number of inspectorates that you can contact

Wild Species and Their Use

Taking (Collecting) Native Wild Species and Their Sustainable Use

ePI – Electronic Agricultural Card

Electronic Agricultural Card (“ePI”) - an official document of the Ministry of Agriculture that allows farmers to easily and quickly perform administrative procedures

HRiba – traceability of fish

HRiba is a web application of the Directorate of Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture enabling end customers to easily and quickly find out information about the fishery products they buy

HRana – food-related warnings

HRana is a free mobile application that enables citizens to receive information within 24 hours on warnings regarding food, animal feed and objects and materials that come into direct contact with food, which are sold on the Croatian or EU market