Use of Pesticides

Plant protection products shall be applied in accordance with the instructions, warnings and information indicated on the packaging.

Pesticides are substances used in agriculture, as well as other areas, such as public health, municipal hygiene, veterinary medicine, for purposes of controlling pests on plants and animals.

Pesticides also include plant protection products of mainly chemical, but also biological origin, and are used in agriculture, forestry and non-agricultural and public areas to control and mitigate plant pests such as plant pathogens and diseases, insects, nematodes, mites, harmful rodents and weeds, as well as other organisms harmful to plants.
Each plant protection product marketed and used in Croatia shall be registered or possess the appropriate permit issued by the Ministry of Agriculture. The list of all plant protection products registered and approved for commercialisation and use in the Republic of Croatia can be found on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture

List of Registered Plant Protection Products..

Types of Pesticides

According to their purpose, plant protection products may be:
  • insecticides (against insects)
  • acaricides (against mites)
  • nematicides (against plant-parasitic nematodes)
  • limacides (against snails)
  • corvifuges (mitigating bird attacks – repellents)
  • rodenticides (against rodents)
  • fungicides (against phytopathogenic fungi)
  • herbicides (against weeds)
  • growth regulators (impacting the life processes of plants other than nutrition).

Obligations Regarding the Use of Pesticides

Plant protection products shall be used in accordance with the instructions, warnings and information contained on the label or in accordance with the registration or permit decision, stored and kept in a separate room or special cabinet in their original packaging, and empty packaging of such products shall be properly disposed of.

As a user of the plant protection product, in order to ensure the traceability of possible exposure thereto, you are obligated to keep records of the plant protection products you use for at least three years.

In order to avoid exposing citizens living in the immediate vicinity of the areas you treat to unpleasant odours when using plant protection products, you are obligated, at their request, to announce treatment no later than 24 hours prior to the treatment and provide information on the trade name of plant protection products to be used for treatment, the date and time of treatment and the method thereof so that citizens can undertake additional protection measures.

All professional users, distributors and consultants are required to pass an examination confirming that they possess adequate the level of knowledge for safe handling and proper use of pesticides, distribution and sale of pesticides and consulting on the sale of pesticides and on the use of pesticides in food production and protection of plants, plant products and objects from harmful organisms.