Free Zones

A free zone is a specially fenced and marked part of the territory located in the area of a seaport or airport, a river pier, along an international road and in other areas where the conditions for the operation of a free zone exist

The free zone is characterized by a business regime different from the regime in the rest of the country (customs and tax character), it must be fenced, marked and arranged so that the movement of goods and people into or out of the free zone can only take place through certain exits or entrances.
There are currently six free zones operating in the Republic of Croatia, two of which are inland based and four are port free zones.
Read more about free zones on the website of  Croatian Free Zone Association.
Free zones are part of the entrepreneurial infrastructure as a special subcategory of entrepreneurial zones, and are established based on the decisions of the Government of the Republic of Croatia in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Free Zones which regulates the establishment, management and operation of free zones in the Republic of Croatia.
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