Requirements for Performing a Professional Activity

Certain service activities require the fulfilment of special conditions, and the list of those activities, as well as the information on all the necessary permits and related costs can be found in one place 

If you want to start a business as a natural person, the first step is to register a business establishment.

Afterwards, the desired activities are selected. Certain service activities in the market may be initiated immediately after the registration of the establishment, without obtaining authorization from the competent authority. Such service activities are, for example, many business services (consulting, marketing, public relations, media, design, IT, accounting).

On the other hand, certain activities require the authorization of the competent authorities, which depends on the fulfilment of certain requirements and the submission of documentation. This primarily refers to regulated professional services (lawyers, auditors, tax advisers, architects, engineers, etc.), education, environmental protection, tourist guides and tourism agency offices, while retailers need to fulfil the minimum technical requirements regarding their sales facilities.

Authorization for most of those activities may already be obtained by e-mail, while e-services are being developed. Detailed information regarding the requirements for performing service activities can be found on the platform of the Point of Single Contact for Services, which provides access to electronic procedures for obtaining authorization.

Freedom of cross-border provision of services in the EU internal market is enabled for a number of service activities.

The free market for a large number of service activities is part of the EU internal market framework, together with a series of tools offered in a single place – the EU Internal Market Centre.

Most service activities are open to market competition, unlike certain public and utility services.