EU Internal Market Centre

Obtain unique access to information on business activities, employment, education or trends in the EU internal market

Do you intend to start a business or temporarily provide services in another EU Member State and require information on the relevant business conditions? Want to put a product on the market of another EU Member State, but are hesitant because it is not manufactured according to their national regulations? Are you moving to another EU Member State for education or employment purposes and want to know more about the local working and living conditions? Have you acquired a professional qualification and want it to be recognised in Croatia or another EU member state? If you are travelling to another EU Member State, find out what your consumer rights are and what to do if your flight is cancelled or your luggage is delayed. Do you suspect a violation of your EU rights and want to know more about possible solutions and remedies?

You can find this, as well as other useful information and advice related to your rights and opportunities, in the EU Member States, in one place – on the EU Internal Market Centre platform.

The platform of the EU Internal Market Centre contains all EU contact points established in Croatia and provides unique access to information on:
  • business operations
  • employment
  • education
  • developments in the EU internal market.

Moreover, the platform regularly publishes news, announcements of events, publications and many other interesting and useful information from various areas of the EU.
Contact details of the EU Internal Market Centre: