ePI – Electronic Agricultural Card

Electronic Agricultural Card (“ePI”) - an official document of the Ministry of Agriculture that allows farmers to easily and quickly perform administrative procedures

The ePI will replace all existing cards that farmers have used so far - the so-called Green Agricultural Card, the Blue Diesel Card and the card for the use of plant protection products.
The card enables farmers to apply for aid in the AGRONET system by completely electronic means, thus relieving the administrative system and accelerating the processing of applications.

Issuing an electronic agricultural card

The application for ePI is submitted by farmers in the offices of the Paying Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development (PAAFRD). The following is required for the submission of the application, which is completed online:
  • identity card
  • Croatian Personal ID Number PIN (“OIB”)
  • e-mail
  • mobile phone number of the holder of the agricultural holding.
The first issuing of the card to the holder (responsible person) of the agricultural holding is free of charge.
The ePI may also be used to access the “e-Građani” system for the purpose of using digital services, e.g. retrieving documents (certificate of nationality, birth certificate, certificate of residence, etc.), pension or health insurance-related services and tax returns.