Employment relationship

Infringement of individual labour rights

You can seek the protection of violated employment rights in court, but only after you have unsuccessfully sought their realization from the employer

Children and minors labour

Individual under the age of 15 or a individual aged 15 and over and under the age of 18 attending compulsory primary education may not be employed

Pregnant women and mothers in workplace

During pregnancy and the use of maternity, parental or adoption leave, the employer must not terminate your employment contract

Employment contract

Check what the employment contract must contain and what position you are in if you have not entered into a written contract with the employer

Transfer to another workplace

The employer cannot transfer you to another workplace without your consent, instead they must offer you an amendment to the employment contract that you do not have to accept

Employment for a definite period of time - Fixed-term contract

A fixed-term contract may be concluded only exceptionally

Tax card

The tax card is issued free of charge at the request of the employee by the competent Tax Administration branch office. An employee who wants to use a personal deduction when determining the advance income tax from employment submits their tax card to the employer


The public service e-Seafarer enables all seafarers to have an overview of certificates issued by the Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure

Ensuring the Employee claims in case of the Employer account block

The Agency for Ensuring Employee Claims (AORT) pays a part of the unpaid salary/ compensation of salary to an Employee and for the compensated sum takes the right of a bailiff in the enforcement process on funds instead of an Employee

Securing of employees' claims in case of bankruptcy of the employer

Employees of the employer against whom bankruptcy proceedings have been initiated may realize a part of unpaid claims under certain conditions

Reporting to the Labour Department of the State Inspectorate

Inspection activities in the field of work and safety at work, unless otherwise prescribed by a special or Act on the State Inspectorate, shall be performed by the inspection of the work of the State Inspectorate