Calculation of pension

You can request an informative calculation of the pension pursuant to the Pension Insurance Act by registering in e-Citizens, and after you obtain a username and password, you can also access the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute user pages. This informative calculation is free of charge

Pension insurance system

The first two pillars of pension insurance are compulsory and the contributions for them are deducted by the employer from your salary. The third pillar is voluntary, and by investing in it you receive government incentives

Types of pensions

Pensions vary according to the conditions you need to meet in order to retire or acquire the right to retirement, and certain groups of insured persons have more favourable conditions for retirement

Compulsory pension fund (registration/change)

REGOS e-service – Compulsory pension fund (registration/change) includes the online selection or change of the compulsory pension company and the category of the compulsory pension fund

National Seniority Allowance

National Seniority Allowance can be claimed by Croatian citizens over the age of 65, who have a long-term permanent residence in Croatia (at least 20 years of continuous residence in Croatia before applying for the allowance)