Employment for a definite period of time - Fixed-term contract

A fixed-term contract may be concluded only exceptionally

Objective reason for concluding a fixed-term contract

The termination of a contract must be established in advance and there must be an objective reason for the conclusion of such a contract, which justifies the conclusion of a fixed-term contract and must be stated in the contract. An objective reason is the replacement of an unattended worker and the performance of a work whose duration is limited by the time limit or the occurrence of a particular event.

Consecutive contracts and three-year limitation

No more than three successive fixed-term contracts may be concluded with the same employer, the total duration of which, including the first contract, shall not exceed three years. Successive contracts shall be those concluded without interruption or with interruption not exceeding three months.

If three successive contracts have been concluded for a period of three years or if three years have expired, a new fixed-term employment contract may be concluded with the same employer only if at least six months have elapsed between the termination of the employment relationship and the conclusion of the new fixed-term employment contract.

Legal restrictions must be observed by the employer in order not to be held liable for the infringement.

If you conclude a fixed-term employment contract which does not comply with the legal provisions or continue to work with the employer after the expiry of the period for which the contract was concluded, a fixed-term employment contract shall be deemed to have been concluded.

In this case, you can contact the employer for the amendment of the employment contract, i.e. the conclusion of the permanent employment contract. If the employer does not comply with the request, you can request a finding before the local competent municipal court.