Infringement of individual labour rights

You can seek the protection of violated employment rights in court, but only after you have unsuccessfully sought their realization from the employer

If your employer has, by his decision or otherwise, infringed or prevented you from exercising a right in an employment relationship, you should first request the employer to exercise that right

Time limits for action 

The time limit within which you must do so is 15 days from the date of delivery of the decision that violated the right, i.e. from the knowledge of the violation of the right. The employer has 15 days to comment on your request. If he does not do so, you may request protection before the competent court within the next 15 days. In doing so, it must be borne in mind that, by missing those time-limits, you lose the right to seek the exercise of your rights by judicial means. 

Employer registration

If there are doubts about the illegal work of the employer, in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Act, whether as a lighter, more serious or most serious misdemeanour of the employer, you can contact the State Inspectorate - Labour Inspectorate, in order to initiate misdemeanour proceedings against the employer.
You can also apply online by filling out this simple form

Rejuvenation due

You can also seek monetary claims from the employment relationship by court, without the obligation to ask your employer for the prior exercise of your rights. However, it is important to know how employment monies become obsolete within five years of the maturity of the obligation.