The public service e-Seafarer enables all seafarers to have an overview of certificates issued by the Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure

After the user has accessed the service for the first time, the system will send via user inbox automatic notifications on certificates the validity of which will soon expire
Apart from an overview of certificates, the system also provides an overview of other documents on which the Ministry keeps records:
  • duration of work experience at sea;
  • medical institutions authorised for check-ups of seafarers;
  • real-time data on courses available to seafarers.
Apart from the above-mentioned, all seafarers who navigate for foreign companies without an employment mediator in the Republic of Croatia, may use the portal to report their embarking on or disembarkation from a ship in international navigation as well as to submit a request for additional days for the purpose of fulfilling the requirement of 183 days in order to be exempted from the obligation to pay income tax.