Possessory sheet

A possessory sheet contains information on a real property

Issuing of a Possessory sheet

A possessory sheet may be officially issued via the internet, regardless of the local jurisdiction of cadastral offices.

Cadastral data can be accessed electronically via the OSS (One Stop Shop) - a single service point for accessing land registry and cadastre data, and via the e-Citizens system.

After submitting an application, the user (e-Citizen) in his/her electronic mailbox receives electronically signed possessory sheet, also containing a QR code and a code for double-checking the document authenticity. A public document issued in such a way has the same legal validity as the paper document stamped and signed by an authorised person. One application may be used to request several different public documents from various cadastral offices.

You can find more detailed information on the issuing of possessory sheet electronically on our website under the topic Joint Information System of Land Registry and Cadastre. 

Application for issuing a  possessory sheet

An application for issuing a possessory sheet can be submitted, as well, in person or by ordinary mail to the regional cadastral office regardless of the local jurisdiction.

You can download the application form from the website of the State Geodetic Administration:

Application for issuing public documents and official data of the real property cadastre.

For the issuing of a possessory sheet transcript/extract, it is required to:

  • submit a competed application form (choose Izvod/prijepis iz posjedovnog lista ili izvadak iz Baze zemljišnih podataka)
  • Actual cash costs are not charged for the first copy of the possessory sheet transcript/extract, but 0,66 EUR is charged for each subsequent copy.

You can pay actual costs to the account provided below.
Payment information is as follows:
Beneficiary:                   State Budget of the Republic of Croatia
Giro account number:   1001005-1863000160
IBAN code:                    HR1210010051863000160
Payment purpose:         State Geodetic Administration
Model:                           HR 64
For ACTUAL COSTS, the reference number is written as:

Reference number:             7129-6120-cadastre code-account number*
Model:                                 HR 64
*for information about the cadastre code and account number, please contact the competent regional cadastral office to which you are submitting the application.

For more information on submitting an application, please contact the regional cadastral office, the list and contact information of which you can find on the website of the State Geodetic Administration:

Regional cadastral offices.