Service of issuance of certificates to persons with disabilities via e-Citizens

Persons with disabilities can now use e-Citizens and the e-service Certificates from the register of disabled person to request several types of electronic certificates

These certificates are issued depending on the purpose of the application and prove the current status of the person in the register of disabled persons.
The following electronic certificates are available:
  • Certificate for the purpose of employment—issued for the purpose of employment, as proof of meeting the provisions of the Ordinance on the Contents and Manner of Keeping a Record of Disabled Employees.
  • Certificate for the purpose of loan subsidisation—issued for the purpose of loan subsidisation as proof of the degree of one’s disability pursuant to the Act on Subsidisation of Housing Loans.
  • Certificate of entry into the register—issued for a general purpose, as proof that the person has been entered in the register of disabled persons.

If a person is unable to access e-Citizens, this service can still be used by contacting the Department for Health Protection of Vulnerable Groups at the Croatian Institute of Public Health (register of disabled persons).