Monument Annuity

Monument annuity may be charged directly or indirectly

Monument annuity is a form of income from direct or indirect economic exploitation of architectural heritage that is collected for the purpose of investing in the restoration of cultural heritage as a means of permanent preservation and protection of its features. 

Direct Monument Annuity

Natural and legal persons liable for payment of income tax or profit tax performing economic activity in an immovable cultural heritage or in the area of a cultural and historical unit, are obligated to pay monument annuity.

The holders of a concession on cultural property and natural and legal persons predominantly performing processing or production activities are exempt from paying the monument annuity.

Direct Monument Annuity Amount

The amount of direct monument annuity is defined in a decision issued by the City of Zagreb, or town or municipal authorities.
The basis of the direct monument annuity is the usable area of the commercial premises located in an immovable cultural property or in the area of a cultural and historical unit.

The direct monument annuity is paid monthly in the amount ranging from 0,13 EUR do 0,53 EUR per square meter of usable area of commercial premises located in an immovable cultural property or in the area of a cultural and historical unit.
Indirect Monument Annuity
According to Article 114(a) of the Act on Protection and Preservation of Cultural Heritage, indirect monument annuity is paid by natural and legal persons performing the following activities according to the National Classification of Business Activities:
  • 46.35 Wholesale trade of tobacco products
  • 46.45 Wholesale trade of perfume and cosmetics
  • 47.26 Retail trade of tobacco products in specialized stores
  • 61. Telecommunications (excluding maintenance of communication networks and broadcast of radio and television programmes)
  • 64.1 Monetary intermediation
  • 66.1 Activities auxiliary to financial services, excluding insurance and pension funds
  • 92.00 Gambling and betting activities.

Indirect Monument Annuity Amount

Indirect monument annuity is paid at the rate of 0.05 percent. The basis for its calculation is the total income generated by performing the aforementioned activities. The tasks of determining, recording, supervising, collecting and enforcing indirect monument annuity are performed by the Tax Administration.