Home attendance services

The service of attendance includes providing meals, doing house chores, personal hygiene and fulfilment of other everyday needs

Home attendance is a service provided to persons who are unable to perform everyday activities on their own or with the help of a parent, spouse or extra-marital partner, same-sex partner, or child.

Home attendance services are granted to:
  • elderly persons who require the assistance of another person according to the evaluation of the Institute
  • persons who are in urgent need of another person’s assistance due to a temporary or permanent physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairment.

Criteria for granting attendance services

In order to grant the right to attendance, the following requirements have to be met:

  • It is impossible for the person to be assisted by a parent, spouse or extra-marital partner, same-sex partner, or child.
  • The person has no property which they could use to secure funds to meet their everyday needs (except for the apartment or house where they live).
  • The person has not entered into a lifelong support agreement or a support until death agreement (except in the case of initiating proceedings for the termination, nullification or annulment of the agreement).
  • The average monthly income of a single person or of the household members within three months prior to initiating the proceedings does not exceed 199,08 EURA (300% of the base amount).

If the income of the single person or the income per household member exceeds the amount of 199,08 (300 percent of the base amount), but not the amount of 265,45 EUR (400 percent of the base amount), the beneficiary who meets the aforementioned requirements is granted the right to 50 percent of the attendance allowance.

What does home attendance include? 

Home attendance services include:

  • providing meals (preparing meals or buying and delivering ready meals)
  • doing house chores
  • maintaining personal hygiene and/or
  • helping with other everyday needs.

Home attendance providers 

Home attendance services are provided by social welfare homes, attendance services centres, associations, religious communities and other legal persons, or natural persons who carry out social welfare activities as their profession or as a trade.

Granting home attendance services

The procedure for the recognition of the right to a home help service is carried out by the regional offices of the Croatian Social Work Institute, competent according to the residence of the beneficiary.

The addresses and telephone numbers of the regional offices can be found on the website of the Croatian Institute for Social work.