Education Inspectorate

The Education Inspectorate conducts inspections in pre-school institutions, primary and secondary schools and student dormitories

Education Inspectorate tasks

The Education Inspectorate conducts inspections in pre-school institutions, primary and secondary schools and student dormitories. Other institutions and other legal entities, except for higher education institutions, which perform the educational activity or part of that activity on the basis of approval, permit, consent or other appropriate act of the Ministry are also subject to inspection conducted by the Education Inspectorate. 

The Education Inspectorate conducts inspections related to the application of laws and other regulations governing the structure and operation of pre-school and school institutions, the establishment and termination of employment relationships and the exercise of rights and obligations arising from employment, deciding on the rights and legal interests of students and their parents and making the work of these institutions public.

Inspection is performed by the Independent Sector for Inspection of the Ministry of Science and Education, on the basis of the Education Inspectorate Act.
The inspection procedure is initiated ex officio, and it is decided upon by an authorised official.

When conducting an inspection, the inspector shall act in such a way that the professional secret determined by law or other regulation is not disclosed. The inspector shall keep as a professional secret the documentation, facts and data related to the inspection as well as the identity of the complainant if they require so.

Filing a complaint

You can send a written complaint indicating specific oversights, shortcomings or irregularities in the work of a certain educational institution by post or e-mail to the following addresses:
  • Education Inspectorate Service - Zagreb, located at the address: Donje Svetice 38, 10 000 Zagreb, e-mail:       
  • Education Inspectorate Service - Regional office in Rijeka, located at the address: Erazma Barčića 4, 51 000 Rijeka, email:       
  • Education Inspectorate Service - Regional office in Split, located at the address: Prilaz braće Kaliterna 10, 21 000 Split, email:
  • Education Inspectorate Service - Regional office in Osijek, located at the address: Strossmayerova 6/I., 31 000 Osijek, e-mail: 
Your complaint shall be reviewed in order to assess the need to initiate an inspection procedure, and this is decided by an authorised official.
If you want to have the rights of the complainant for the notification of the initiation or non-existence of conditions for initiating the procedure, the right to file an appeal in case of non-initiation of procedure and, in case of initiation of the procedure, for a report on the inspection and measures taken, submit a complaint with your full name and surname and address.

A signed complaint submitted in electronic form can only be considered as such if it contains an electronic signature in accordance with the Act on Implementing Regulation (EU) No of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market and repealing Directive 1999/93/EC.

If you want your identity to be protected in the procedure, indicate so in your complaint so that the competent education inspector can keep the identity of the complainant as a professional secret, if you request so.