Temporary Residence

Temporary residence is the place and address in the Republic of Croatia at which you are temporarily residing but is not your permanent settlement

Temporary residence shall be registered if its duration will exceed three months. Citizens are obliged to register their temporary residence; however, since temporary residence is registered for a set period and it automatically expires after this period, unregistration is not required unless you leave your temporary residence earlier.

Registrations on behalf of underage persons and totally or partially legally incapacitated persons shall be submitted by their parents or legal guardians.

Temporary residence is registered at the competent police department or station according to the location at which you want to register your temporary residence. Temporary residence shall be registered within 15 days from the day you arrived to the place of your temporary residence.

Registering Temporary Residence

The following documents shall be enclosed together with the request for registration of temporary residence
  • identity card
  • signed statement testifying that you settled temporarily at the place and address at which you wish to register temporary residence (citizen providing false statement is liable for administrative offence and may be charged between 66,36 to 663,61 EUR 
  • certified statement by your landlord, agreeing to the registration, if temporary residence is being registered at the landlord’s address (the landlord may issue their consent directly at the competent police department or station that performs the registration or electronically, through the e-Citizens system)
  • completed Temporary Residence Registration Form (Form 1)
Croatian citizens who were issued an e-Identity card bearing the identification and signature certificates may register temporary residence through the e-Citizens system. This service enables Croatian citizens to register temporary residence, landlords to issue their consent for registering temporary residence of another person at the address of property under their ownership and to generate and print out the Landlord’s Consent Form for the registration of temporary residence which the landlord who is unable to sign electronically will sign by hand.

Temporary residence shall be registered for a one-year period, which may be extended for an additional year. By way of derogation, if a citizen is required to stay in the place of their temporary residence longer than one year for educational purposes, for conducting business of non-permanent nature or if they have been institutionalised, the duration of temporary residence shall equal the duration of education, business or institutionalisation, which the citizen must justify by appropriate documentation. Even in such cases, temporary residence must be extended each year, counted from the first registration of temporary residence.