Certificate that no Misdemeanour Proceedings are in Progress

This certificate verifies that you are currently not a defendant before a municipal court in misdemeanour proceedings for offences which are persecuted pursuant to a special act

Certificate that no misdemeanour proceedings are in progress may be obtained:
  • at any municipal court. 

Issuing of a Certificate by a Court

The request for issuing the certificate may be submitted in person or, in case of your absence, it can be submitted by another person authorised by you through a signed statement certified by a notary public or Croatian embassy or consulate in the country in which the person is located.   

Certificates are issued by all municipal courts and their permanent services regardless of the address of your permanent residence or registered seat.
The only exceptions to this are the Zagreb Municipal Civil Court, Zagreb Municipal Criminal Court, Zagreb Municipal Labour Court and Split Municipal Court, which do not issue certificates.

The courts’ addresses, contact information and working hours are available on the website of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration.

Documents Required

The following is required for the issuance of a certificate that no misdemeanour proceedings are in progress:
  • complete one copy of the request for the issuance of certificate (Form 9A - available in the section Documents)
  • enclose the authorization, if the request is submitted on behalf of another person
  • present identity card or certified copy of identity card of the person on whose behalf the certificate is being requested and of the authorised person
  • pay court fees in the amount of 3,98 EUR in state stamps or enclose proof of payment through online banking, if you are not exempt from paying court fees

All certificates that no misdemeanour proceedings are in progress are issued bearing an electronic signature and are no longer signed by court officials nor are they stamped with the court stamp and they are valid throughout Croatia. 

By way of derogation, if the certificate is intended to be used abroad, you can request the certificate be issued bearing the signature of a competent court official and the court stamp.