Certificate of No ongoing Criminal Proceedings

This certificate verifies that you are currently not a defendant before a municipal or county court in criminal proceedings for offences which are persecuted ex officio

The certificate of no ongoing criminal proceedings may be obtained:
  • through the e-Citizens system
  • at a municipal court. 
The certificate of no ongoing criminal proceedings verifies that:
  1. against an adult requesting the certificate:
  • no final and binding investigation order has been issued,
  • no indictment has been confirmed,
  • no ruling imposing a penalty order was issued,
  • no non-final judgement has been delivered.
  1. against a minor requesting the certificate:
  • no final and binding decision on conducting the preparatory procedure has been issued
  • in situations where the preparatory procedure has not been conducted, no sitting of the panel or hearing has been scheduled, and after the validity of the motion to impose a juvenile sanction has been previously examined and it has been established that there are no grounds for conducting proceedings, i.e. that it would not be purposeful to prosecute the minor. 

Issuance of Certificates through the e-Citizens and e-Authorizations Systems

The certificate may be issued through the e-Citizens i.e. e-Authorizations system for both natural and legal persons.

No court fees are applicable for certificates issued for the following purposes:
  • exercise of health, disability or pension insurance rights
  • exercise of social welfare rights
  • employment purposes.
Legal persons performing public duties are exempt of court fees if the certificate is issued for procedures relevant to their public duties.

A certificate for a legal person can be applied for by a natural person authorised to represent the legal person, subject to verification through the e-Authorisations system.
For all other purposes, court fees apply pursuant to the Decree on Court Fee Rates.

A 1,99 EUR court fee should be paid through the Public Levies Collection System of the Republic of Croatia before applying to the court. The terms and conditions of public levies collection through the said System are available on FINA’s website.

All certificates issued through the e-Citizens system are issued by the Municipal Criminal Court in Zagreb and are valid throughout Croatia.

The certificate may be found on the page used for browsing submitted applications and will be delivered to the e-mail address provided by the user; in case of a natural person, the certificate will be delivered to the e-Citizens User Mailbox.

Issuance of certificates at courts

If the certificate is intended for use abroad or if you are exempt from paying court fees on other grounds, you must apply for the certificate at a municipal court or its permanent service. 

An application for a certificate can be submitted in person or, if not possible, by a person with a power of attorney notarised or authenticated by the Croatian embassy or consular office in the country of one’s residence.   

The certificates are issued by all municipal courts and their permanent services regardless of the address of your permanent residence or registered seat.
Addresses, contact details and office hours of the courts are available on the page Courts in the Republic of Croatia.

Documents required

For the issuance of a certificate of no ongoing criminal proceedings you will need to:
  • complete a copy of the application form (available for download in the Documents section)
  • enclose the power of attorney if the application is submitted on behalf of another person
  • present the original or a certified copy of the identity card of the person on whose behalf the certificate is requested and of the authorised person
  • pay a 3,98 EUR court fee in government stamps or enclose proof of payment via online banking unless you are exempt from paying court fees. If the fee is paid via online banking, payment information is available on the page Court e-Notice Board.
All certificates of no ongoing criminal proceedings, whether issued through the e-Citizens system or by a court, bear an electronic signature and are no longer signed by court officials, nor do they bear a court stamp, and are valid throughout Croatia. 

By way of derogation, if the certificate is intended for use abroad, you can request that the certificate bears the signature of the competent court official and the court stamp.
The authenticity of the certificate can be verified through the e-Citizens system for six months after its issuance, without having to sign in to e-Citizens, at the following link: Verifying authenticity of certificate of no ongoing criminal proceedings.