Registration of Motor Vehicles

Since 1 January 2018, registration of motor vehicles is performed in Roadworthiness Testing Centres

Registration of motor vehicles is the main requirement for their participation in traffic.

Apart from vehicle registration, Roadworthiness Testing Centres now also perform the following activities:
  • Extension of validity of the vehicle registration certificate;
  • Deregistration of a vehicle (the Declaration on the Vehicle Holding Location can be downloaded in the Documents section);
  • Issuing of temporary registration plates to citizens (the Request for Issuing Temporary Registration Plantes can be downloaded in the Documents section);  
  • Issuing of export registration plates;
  • Issuing of vehicle and vehicle owner certificates from registered and marked vehicle records, temporary and export registration plate records, with the exception of certificates from the registered and marked vehicle records issued in accordance with the Enforcement Act.
List of Roadworthiness Testing Centres

Services Offered by Police Departments/Stations

The following activities linked to vehicle registration are performed in police departments or police stations:
  • Registration and expunging of measures for limited vehicle disposal for the purpose of recording enforcements or judicial or notarial securing of creditor claims, recording the deregistration of a vehicle after the measure has been expunged and a summons to the debtor in order to record the deregistration in the vehicle registration certificate;
  • Recording of missing traffic documents – publication;
  • Issuing of an order for pressing the chassis number;
  • Issuing of a vehicle ownership certificate in accordance with the Enforcement Act in order to initiate enforcement;
  • Picking up of registration plates seized in traffic;
  • Issuing of temporary and transferable registration plates to legal entities and natural persons (craftsmen), based on the decision from the Ministry of the Interior. 
Vehicle registration is performed in an authorised Roadworthiness Testing Centre where the vehicle owner has a place of residence. Under exceptional circumstances, vehicle registration can be performed by the Roadworthiness Testing Centre in another registration area; however, in that case, the owner shall be given registration plates for his area of residence. In that case, the period for getting the registration plates is 30 days from the day of submitting the registration request, as the registration plates bearing the mark of another registration area have to be ordered.