I’m trying to reach my physician

A new e-mail address has been introduced to which citizens can direct their complaints because the Ministry of Health and the CHIF have been receiving more and more complaints

The Ministry of Health and the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) have been receiving more and more complaints from insured persons about having difficulties in receiving health care in their primary care physician's offices due to inability to get hold of someone in the office in person, by telephone, e-mail or otherwise.

Due to this, the CHIF has introduced a new e-mail address: zovem.doktora@hzzo.hr to which you can send your complaint.

When sending a complaint, you need to specify your personal information (name and surname, PIN (OIB) and phone number) and the name and surname of the physician you are complaining about. Without this information, the CHIF will not be able to act; that is, contact the primary care physician and help with urgent resolution of the insured person's issue.