Driver's license

Driving Licence – General Information

Card-shaped driving licences have been issued since 1 July 2013; licences issued by that date are valid until their expiry, not later than January 2033

First Issuing and Renewal of a Driving Licence

Find out the information you need to have your driving licence issued

Electronic Submission of Requests

Citizens who have activated digital ID card with an identification and signature certificate can also submit their driving licence request electronically, through the e-Citizens platform

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Driving Licence

A missing driving licence shall immediately be reported to a police department or a police station

Replacing a Driving Licence

If you own a driving licence issued in an EEA Member State or a third country, in both cases the request form is filled by a clerk at the counter, and you have to sign it to confirm the accuracy of the printed data