Replacing a Lost or Stolen Driving Licence

A missing driving licence shall immediately be reported to a police department or a police station

If you would like a new driving licence to be issued, a request can be submitted at any time since there is no time limit for obtaining a new driving licence.
You have to submit the following:
  • If the original driving licence was issued in an EEA Member State, proof from the competent authority of that Member State for having been issued a driving licence;
  • One 35x45 mm* photo (see Driving licence - general information);
  • Proof of payment 20,04 EUR - or 24,02 EUR if the driving licence is to be delivered to the driver’s address (regular procedure), 26,54 EUR for expedited procedure, 59,73 EUR for urgent procedure.
The driver shall also immediately report finding a lost driving licence to the competent authority.

With the e-Fee system, taxpayers can pay prescribed fees and charges, instead of state stamps or payment slip, faster and simpler through their bank cards (for a current account, giro account or credit card) such as Visa, Maestro, MasterCard and Diners.