First Issuing and Renewal of a Driving Licence

Find out the information you need to have your driving licence issued

If you are submitting a request for a driving licence (for the first time) in a regular, expedited or urgent procedure, or for extending its validity (renewal), you have to submit the following:
  • If the driving test was completed before 01/01/2018, the driving test certificate (first-time issuing)/driving licence (renewal);
  • Medical certificate for operating a vehicle, less than 15 months old (first-time issuing)/medical certificate for operating vehicles in C1, C, D1, D, C1E, CE, D1E, DE, H categories, and B category for professional drivers, if the expired driving licence was issued for a shorter period due to the need for more frequent medical examinations, less than six months old (renewal);
  • One 35x45 mm* photo (see Driving licence – general information);
  • Proof of paid fees, depending on the type of procedure.

With the e-Fee system, taxpayers can pay prescribed fees and charges, instead of state stamps or payment slip, faster and simpler through their bank cards (for a current account, giro account or credit card) such as Visa, Maestro, MasterCard and Diners.