Cultural events for persons with disabilities

Culture contributes to the development of society as a whole and to social cohesion and integration, as well as building and reflecting on collective identities

Cultural contents must be equally committed to physical and cultural access to all members of society.
Inclusion and encouraging and supporting persons with disabilities as creators of culture and users of cultural offerings, is an important focus area of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.

Public calls are used to finance programmes of associations of citizens with disabilities, as well as programmes of cultural institutions aimed at making cultural content more accessible to persons with disabilities, educating staff and organising cultural-artistic content adapted for persons with disabilities.

Public calls for financing programmes are available on the website of the Ministry of Culture and Media

Special support is also provided for investments in eliminating architectural barriers for the access of people with mobility difficulties. Today, museums, galleries and theatres cannot obtain their projects for renovation and/or construction approved without meeting accessibility standards.

Institutions with adapted and/or specialised programmes for persons with disabilities:

Klovićevi dvori Gallery

Typhlological museum

Zagreb City Museum
Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb
Museum of Art and Crafts
Archaeological Museum of Istria, Pula
Art Gallery of the city of Slavonski Brod
Muzeji Ivana Meštrovića
The Nikola Tesla Technical Museum
Museum of Contemporary Art

Institutions and associations funded or co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and Media:

Typhlological Museum

Croatian Library for the Blind

Theatrical company for the blind and partially sighted “New Life”

Association for the culture of the hearing-impaired “World of Silence”

Croatian Blind Union

Association of the Physically Disabled

Croatian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing