Certificate of Nationality

The certificate of nationality is a public document used for proving Croatian citizenship; the certificate is issued by registry offices

Certificate of nationality is one of the documents used for proving Croatian citizenship.

Citizenship is proven by a valid identity card, passport or military card; if you do not possess any of these documents, citizenship may be proven by certificate of nationality.

Certificate of nationality is issued on the basis of Registry of Citizens, unique record of all persons that acquired Croatian citizenship pursuant to the Croatian Citizenship Act.

The citizenship record of persons with permanent residence in Croatia is kept by the competent registry office according to the place of registration, whereas record of Croatian citizens with permanent residence abroad is kept by the City of Zagreb’s Office for General Affairs.

Issuing the Certificate of Nationality

The certificate of nationality may be collected at the nearest registry office in Croatia. Prior to collection, the applicant should submit an application for the issuance of a certificate of nationality.
The list of registry offices, together with their contact information and working hours, can be found on the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration’s website

Registry Offices in Croatia

If you were born abroad and are not a permanent resident of Croatia and you wish to obtain a certificate of nationality, you should contact one of the registry offices of the City of Zagreb.