Island Identity Card

Applications for the issuance of island identity cards for acquiring the right to privileged transport of persons and vehicles can be submitted through the e-Citizens system

The service can be accessed directly through the e-Citizens portal by selecting the category Transport and vehicles

The service may also be accessed through the official website of the Coastal Liner Services Agency.

Applicants who submitted the application for the issuance of an island identity card for a person or vehicle shall be notified through the e-Citizens system about the status of their application.

In order for their application to be successfully processed, before submitting the application the person should make a payment to the State Budget for the purpose of issuance of an island identity card (8,63 EUR for an island identity card for a person and 10,62 EUR for a vehicle and vignette). The first issuing of an island identity card for a person or vehicle is free of charge. If the applicant already submitted a photograph to the Ministry of the Interior within the previous 5 years for the purpose of being issued a personal document (identity card or passport), this photograph will also appear on the new island identity card. If the Ministry’s registry contains a photograph that is over five years old, the user should enclose a new scanned photograph (35 x 45 mm) together with the application.

The island identity card will be delivered to the users to the post office they selected upon submitting the electronic application, within 20 days after the application was approved.

The applications may still be submitted at the post offices listed below:

List of post offices that receive applications for the issuance of island identity cards

Users can obtain technical support or report issues to the following contact number: +385 0800 0440 (Call centre’s working hours: Mon-Fri 8:00-16:00) or to the email: