Basic Occupational Safety Obligations of Employers

Get information about the basic occupational safety obligations of employers, professional examinations for Occupational Safety Experts, and providing first aid to employees in the workplace

Each employer is obligated to prepare a risk assessment, or its amendments under predefined conditions. They may prepare the assessment themselves or contract an authorized person for the task.
All employers shall adequately train employees in safe work practices (training is arranged by the employers themselves, provided that they are employing a 1st or 2nd degree Occupational Safety Expert, or contract an authorized person for the task).

Physical factors (microclimate, noise and lighting) and chemical factors (hazardous substances - dust, gases, fumes, biological agents, etc.) of the working environment are periodically examined every three years by authorized persons, if such an obligation arises from the risk assessment.
You can find the list of authorized persons in the Authorized Persons Record.

Professional Examinations for Occupational Safety Experts 

Occupational Safety Experts employed by the relevant employer, as well as those employed by authorized persons, shall pass a professional examination (general or specific, or the general and specific part thereof).

Candidates apply for the professional examination by sending the SIS-1 form with reference to “Služba za zaštitu na radu” (Occupational Safety Services) to the following address: Ministarstvo rada, mirovinskoga sustava, obitelji i socijalne politike, Ulica grada Vukovara 78, 10000 Zagreb.

The application shall contain:
  • the completed form
  • a copy of the diploma or certificate of completion of an education course
  • a copy of the excerpt from the court register regarding the employer applying or employing the candidate.

Other information related to the examination can be obtained from the Secretaries of the Examination Committee using the following telephone numbers:
  • (+3850)1 6109-236
  • (+3850)1 6106-311.

The price of the general or specific part of the professional examination is 74,32 EUR, and 111,49 EUR for both parts.

The list of regulations that the candidate shall be familiar with when taking the general and/or general and specific part of the professional examination for Occupational Safety Experts can be found in the Ordinance on Occupational Safety Training and Professional Examination.

Providing First Aid to Employees in the Workplace 

If the employer employs at least two employees per location and shift, one employee for the group of first 50 employees shall be trained to provide first aid and another for each following group of 50 employees.

The employer is obligated to deliver a written decision on appointment for the provision first aid to the adequately trained employees and to inform all other employees on the identity of the employees who have been trained and appointed to provide first aid.

Said training can be performed by an authorized Occupational Health Medical Practitioner or by the Croatian Red Cross.