National Contact Point—NCP

The National Contact Point is a place where you can learn about your rights to health care in Croatia or in other EU member states

Each EU member state has at least one National Contact Point (some can also have regional or local contact points).

Pursuant to the provisions of the Mandatory Health Insurance Act, the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) established a National Contact Point in the Republic of Croatia for the purpose of provision of information on the rights of insured persons to health care in other member states, in accordance with European Union regulations; that is, essential aspects of cross-border health care.

To enable patients to exercise their rights to cross-border health care in practice, the National Contact Point:
  • Provides contact details of national contact points in other member states,
  • Provides information concerning healthcare providers in the Republic of Croatia,
  • Provides relevant information on the standards and guidelines on quality and safety of treatment in the Republic of Croatia,
  • Provides information on the accessibility of hospitals for persons with disabilities,
  • Provides information on patients’ rights, complaints procedures and mechanisms for seeking remedies, as well as the legal and administrative options available to settle disputes, including in the event of harm arising from cross-border healthcare,
  • Provides basic information on reimbursement of costs of cross-border healthcare,
  • Provides basic information on the difference between patients’ rights pursuant to Directive 2011/24/EU and rights arising from Regulation (EC) No. 883/2004.

For more information about the National Contact Point, please visit the CHIF’s website

National Contact Point.

You can contact the NCP by phone or e-mail:
Phone: (00385) 1 6449-090