Croatian veterans’ cooperatives

By joining the cooperative, you ensure joint market participation, and you may receive financial support in the amount of up to 19.908,42 EUR (HRK 150.000,00) to start the operations of the cooperative

Cooperatives are a special form of entrepreneurship that allows you to perform the activity in an organised and professionally guided manner as well as joint market participation.

To apply for this support, there should be at least two thirds of the members active in the cooperative who also have the status of a Croatian veteran, a child of a deceased Croatian veteran, a child of a missing Croatian veteran, a child of a military volunteer or a child of a disabled Croatian Homeland War veteran with permanently established status.

Applications for support are received only after the announcement of the public call. Requirements, application forms and a list of required application documents and instructions for the applicant are available on the website of the Veterans while the call is open at Current public calls.