Visa issuance at border crossing points

A visa application can also be submitted at a border crossing point

Exceptionally, if a foreign national could not submit a visa application, the competent police station at the state border may issue a short-term visa: for stay of up to 15 days, for the purpose of transit or to a sailor for the purpose of transit.  

If the visa is issued by a police station competent for border control, the application is charged EUR 60, and in case of need for this, the foreign national should provide documents proving they have an unpredictable and urgent need to enter Croatia.
In such cases, visas are issued only at certain border crossing points for international transport:
  • With Slovenia:
    • Kaštel
    • Rupa
    • Pasjak
    • Jurovski Brod
    • Bregana
    • Macelj
    • Dubrava Križovljanska
  • From Hungary:
    • Goričan
    • Terezino Polje
    • Donji Miholjac
  • With Serbia:
    • Erdut
    • Bajakovo
  • From Montenegro: Karasovići
  • With Bosnia and Herzegovina:
    • Županja
    • Slavonski Brod
    • Stara Gradiška
    • Maljevac
    • Jasenovac
    • Hrvatska Kostajnica
    • Ličko Petrovo Selo
    • Kamensko
    • Vinjani Donji
    • Metković
  • At all international sea and air border crossings
  • River border crossings:
    • Osijek
    • Vukovar
    • Slavonski Brod.