Extending a visa

A visa can be extended, cancelled, or revoked

The validity period of a visa and/or the duration of stay granted on the basis of the issued visa may be extended before the validity period expires if the visa holder delivers proof of force majeure or humanitarian reasons that are preventing them from leaving Croatia or of serious personal reasons that justify the extension of the visa validity period or the duration of stay.

Apart from the above mentioned proof, the applicant should also:
  • Fill in and personally sign the visa application form
  • Present a valid travel document
  • Enclose the documents proving the existence of the above mentioned reasons for the extension
  • Provide proof of sufficient means to support themselves for an extended period of stay
  • Provide proof of travel medical insurance for an extended period of stay.

An application for an extension of the period of validity of a visa and/or of the duration of stay shall be lodged at the police administration/station before the expiry of the validity of the visa and/or of the duration of stay authorised on the basis of the visa issued. Before extending the issued short-term visa, the police administration or police station is obliged to request the prior consent of the Ministry of Interior. Before giving consent, the Ministry of Interior is obliged to request opinions of the Ministry responsible for foreign affairs and the Security Intelligence Agency that are obligatory.

The extended visa will be issued by a police administration/police station.

The third-country national may stay in the territory of the Republic of Croatia until the decision on the visa extension has been reached; however, even if their visa is extended, they may NOT stay in the Republic of Croatia for more than 90 days in any 180-day period.

The third-country national has the right to appeal the decision within 15 days from its delivery, via the competent diplomatic mission or consular office of the Republic of Croatia. The ministry competent for foreign affairs decides on the appeal. Lodging an appeal will not delay the decision0s enforcement, and if the third-country national withdraws their application for extension, the procedure will be suspended.

Visa cancellation or revocation

A visa can be cancelled or revoked by a diplomatic mission/consular office or a police administration/station. If it is subsequently determined that the requirements for issuance of a visa have not been met or if there are strong reasons to suspect that it has been obtained fraudulently, the visa will be cancelled, and if it is determined that the requirements for its issuance are no longer being met, the visa will be revoked.

The third-country national who has been issued a visa can also submit an application for visa revocation, but in that case, this may not be appealed.

The third-country national should lodge their appeal against cancellation or revocation of their visa via the competent diplomatic mission/consular office of Croatia, and the ministry competent for foreign affairs will decide on this appeal. Lodging an appeal will not delay the decision’s enforcement.