Taxes and tax returns

e-Tax Administration—how to become a user

The e-Tax Administration system enables single sign-on regardless of whether the user is a citizen, natural person or business entity

e-TaxServices – services for citizens

New e-TaxServices in one place


Application mPorezna available for citizens, freelancers and craftsmen

mPorezna - list of functionalities

List of  functionalities available to mobile users through the mPorezna mobile app

Annual income tax calculation

If you want to become a volunteer, you can find the information about volunteering opportunities in regional volunteer centres and in the Croatian Volunteer Development Centre

Real estate transfer tax

If you purchased, inherited or in any other way acquired real estate, you are a real estate transfer tax payer

Road motor vehicles tax

If you own a car, motorcycle or quadricycle, you are required to pay the road motor vehicles tax annually, on the date of your statutory annual test; i.e., renewal of your log book, and the amount of this tax depends on the engine power and vehicle age

Vessels tax

If you own a vessel, you are required to pay vessels tax annually, and the tax amount depends on the length of the vessel in metres, whether it has a cabin or not and engine power

Tax on holiday homes

The tax on holiday homes is charged at HRK 5 to 15 per square metre of usable floor area, and is paid annually

Tax benefits for persons with disabilities

Find out which tax benefits are available to persons with disabilities

Tax benefits for athletes

Find out which tax benefits are available to athletes