mPorezna - list of functionalities

List of  functionalities available to mobile users through the mPorezna mobile app

The following functionalities are available to mobile users through the mPorezna mobile app:
  • Sign-in and sign-out via NIAS and PIN identity confirmation
    • The mPorezna system is connected to the National Identification and Authentication System (NIAS) in order to identify and authenticate user
  • Managing authorization
    • Granting and updating authorizations
    • Registration of a legal rrepresentative for a business entity
    • Registration for another taxpayer
  • Deregistration
    • User who has been granted authorization for a taxpayer or is registered for himself through one of the credentials can deregister himself from the mPorezna application.
  • Overview of submitted forms
    • Users can see the details of submitted forms and retrieve their statuses.
  • ZPP-DOH form
    • Taxpayers can submit a form for the recognition of rights in a special procedure in order to use the prescribed rights to increase the personal deduction, i.e. the recognition of tax benefits based on the submission of data that the Tax Administration does not have.
  • PO-SD form
    • Taxpayers have the option of submitting PO-SD form (Report on flat-rate income from independent activities and paid flat-rate income tax and income tax surcharge).
  • Overview of submitted requests
    • Users can gain insight into the details of the submitted requests and retrieve their statuses.
  • Request for issuance/change of tax card (PK)
    • Users can submit a request on screens adjusted for mobile devices.
  • Request for a debt status certificate
    • Users are allowed to submit requests for a debt status certificate.
  • Request for issuing a certificate of income and receipts
    • Users can apply for a certificate of income and receipts (for the calendar year, quarter, month, starting from the beginning of 2014).
  • Request to modify the data in the RPO (Register of Taxpayers)
    • Users can submit a Request to modify the data in the RPO (Register of Taxpayers).
  • Submitting of attachments
    • Users can review submitted attachments or submit new attachments with forms or requests.
  • Overview of taxpayer data
    • Users are allowed to view data from source systems (Tax Register, OIB System, ePorezna) and modify a specific set of data.
  • Tax Bookkeeping Card (PKK) Overview
    • Users are able to view the Tax Bookkeeping Card view in the form of a new, narrowed view tailored to smaller mobile screens.
    • When viewing data on the PKK, users can also get an insight into the debt payment data and the 2d barcode they can store on a mobile device.
  • Tax Card Insight (PK)
    • Users can retrieve the Tax Card in PDF format and store it on a mobile device.
  • My JOPPD/ IP1/IP2 and IP3 insight
    • Users can view data from JOPPD in the form of a narrowed view adapted to smaller screens of mobile devices.
  • Calendar of tax liabilities and notifications for users
    • Users are provided with a personalized calendar with dates of submission of forms and other deadlines related to the fulfillment of tax obligations and a notification of the submission of ZPP-DOH for this period.
  • User Inbox
    • Users can view incoming messages in their ePorezna Inbox.
  • Informative calculator for calculating salary
    • Users can obtain an informative calculation of the net or gross salary amount based on the entry of different parameters.
  • Integrating the web form "Write-to-us" into the tax and tax violation report
    • Users can submit queries/questions related to the ePorezna/mPorezna system and report a tax violation.
    • Tax and other violations can also be filed anonymously!
    • In addition to the tax and other violations, an attachment of the format can be submitted: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .doc(x), .xsls(x), .pdf.
    • The taxpayer can take an on-the-spot photo of the tax violation and provide a photo with a tax violation report.
  • Checking the issued invoice by scanning the QR code and reporting the incorrect invoice
    • Users can scan the QR code on the invoice to check if the invoice is correct and to report using web form „Write-to-us“ if it is incorrect.
  • Terms of use, consent and others
    • Within the mPorezna application users can retrieve the privacy statement, terms of use and user instructions for use.
The app is available on Android devices running Android operating system version 8 and higher, and can be downloaded via Google play store.
For download to iPhone devices with iOS operating system version 13 and higher, the application is available on the App Store.
Also, the application is available on the Appgallery platform, which is supported by Huawei mobile devices of the latest generation.