How to activate and use a powder fire extinguisher

How to use a powder fire extinguisher—step by step

Most used fire extinguishers we come across daily are powder fire extinguishers with the S label. The following rules need to be observed when extinguishing a fire with a fire extinguisher:
  • Only start extinguishing a fire if you are not endangering your own life
  • Bring a fire extinguisher to the fire location
  • Each extinguisher has instructions for use which you need to read
  • Place the extinguisher on the floor
  • Pull the safety pin 
  • Hit the activation pin with your palm
  • Squeeze the nozzle lever slowly and aim the powder at the fire
  • Make sure that you have extinguished the fire successfully as it can re-ignite.
  • After using the extinguisher, take it to be serviced
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