e-Administrative proceedings

Submission of information on administrative cases of bodies integrated into the APA IT system

The unified information system for monitoring the implementation of the General Administrative Procedure Act – APA IT is an information system that enables parties to monitor the resolution of administrative matters in proceedings they are a party to.
The service is available to citizens and business entities as natural and business users and provides information on activities and the course of the proceedings initiated by the user or to which the user as a party or a person with representation authority (legal representatives, temporary representatives, joint representatives and proxies).
Each notification on changes in the proceedings is delivered to the user’s inbox, with information of interest to the party (name of the body conducting the proceedings and class of the case), and a link to the APA IT public portal, where the user can find more detailed information about the administrative case and its progress in their profile. It is important to note that the user does not have access rights that would enable changes to the data about the proceedings the user is a party to.