European Consumer Centre Croatia

The European Consumer Centre Croatia provides assistance to consumers in resolution of cross-border complaints and disputes

The European Consumer Centre Croatia is part of the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) which provides advice and information about cross-border purchases and cooperates with other European Consumer Centres to help consumers in resolution of cross-border complaints and disputes. 

European Consumer Centre Croatia can:
  • Provide advice about consumer rights when making purchases in the EU, Norway, United Kingdom or Iceland 
  • Provide advice about consumer rights in case of a cross-border complaint against a trader based in another EU member state, Norway, United Kingdom or Iceland
  • Contact the European Consumer Centre in the trader’s country and require that this centre contacts the trader on your behalf and tries to resolve your complaint 
  • Provide advice on further action if amicable resolution is not possible, e.g. refer you to out-of-court settlement or instruct you to take other appropriate actions
  • If your case is outside the jurisdiction of the European Consumer Centre, provide advice on who to file your complaint with or assist you in finding the appropriate competent authority.

European Consumer Centre Croatia cannot:
  • Force traders to take appropriate steps 
  • Act as your legal representative
  • Handle complaints of Croatian consumers against Croatian traders
  • Handle complaints against traders outside of the European Union, Norway and Iceland (e.g. from Canada or the US).


If you have a complaint, first contact the trader, as experience has shown that most issues are resolved in cooperation with the trader.

Send a written complaint, e-mail or fax to the trader to have proof of filing a complaint. You can find the trader’s address on the trader’s website, in their general terms and conditions or in the sales contract.