The service allows submission of requests for issuance of tachograph cards

e-Tachograph service allows users to submit a request for issuance of a driver’s tachograph card through regular procedure if:
  • The driver submits the first request for issuance of a driver’s tachograph card;
  • The driver submits a request for renewal (extension) of the card due to expiry of its validity;
  • The driver wishes to replace a lost or stolen card.

Prerequisites for submission of an e-Request for issuance of a driver card via e-Citizens:
  • The applicant is a natural person over 18 years of age with access to the e-Citizens system;
  • All users who hold an eOI credential (electronic identity card) are allowed to log in to e-Citizens.
  • For the sake of automated data retrieval, the applicant must have a valid e-Driving Licence for B category at a minimum, issued in the Republic of Croatia and of ID-1 size.
  • In order to digitally sign the e-Request, the applicant must hold an eOI as well as valid identification and signature certificates, which must not be revoked;
  • eOI digital certificates of the applicant must be active. For more information on the activation process, visit Activation of eOI - PIN and PUK.