Using and Activating the Electronic Identity Card (eOI)

The electronic identity card provides means for electronic identification and creation of a qualified electronic signature, since it contains up to two certificates, identification and signature

As part of the digitalisation of business processes which require a high level of security when identifying the applicant and which require a handwritten signature, the Ministry of the Interior began issuing electronic identity cards in 2015, which are considered to be high-security credentials. Citizens can use their eID for all e-services offered by the e-Citizens system, as well as all other electronic services in Croatia, regardless of the service provider.

The identification certificate is used for electronic authentication of identity and authentication when accessing electronic services, whereas the signature certificate is used as support to a qualified electronic signature and a substitute for a handwritten signature in line with the Act regulating electronic signature.

As a high-security credential, Croatian electronic identity cards are also accepted in the European Economic Area (EU countries, Norway, Iceland, and Lichtenstein).
In order to use an electronic identity card as a credential for electronic services, its electronic part has to be activated.

The activation procedure can be completed on the eID Portal and consists of three basic steps:
  • first login on the eID Portal and change of initial password
  • downloading free software and instructions for activating the electronic part of the eID
  • activation of the electronic part of the eID and change of initial PIN.
Access password for the eID Portal and PINs for using the electronic identity card are within the sole responsibility of the card holder who must take care not to lose them or disclose to others.

After the activation, the eID is ready for use. 

Information regarding activation is available at all police administrations and you can also watch an instruction video for the use and activation of the eID under Additional Information.
Holders of identity cards with identification certificates can activate the relevant application on their mobile devices via the relevant website for managing electronic identity cards. This application is a tool that makes it possible for identity card holders to manage their personal data and confirm their electronic identity.
Persons who have activated the application for mobile devices and who have been issued with a signature certificate are granted a remote personal qualified signature certificate.