e-Dugovanja (Ex e-Blokade)

This service is intended for consumers who are enforcement debtors and allows them to quickly and easily access all of the important information about the enforcement proceedings initiated, free of charge and without having to come to a Fina office

Via e-Dugovanja (Ex e-Blokade), enforcement debtors can:
  • Open or close a protected account
  • Check their debt balance (download the specifications for execution of payment bases)
  • See who their enforcement creditor is, as well as the order in which enforcement creditors are to recover the debt (download the Register of unexecuted payment bases or information on order of payment)
  • Download some of the documentation pertaining to the simple consumer bankruptcy proceedings
  • Download documentation free of charge
  • Submit enquiries, complaints and other applications and requests to FINA.
To access the e-Dugovanja (Ex e-Blokade), you can use any credential / application from the list of accepted credentials