“DO NOT CALL” e-register

If you do not want traders to call you after they have sold you a service or product, you can enter your telephone number in the “DO NOT CALL” register

The “DO NOT CALL” register is a free public register of telephone numbers of consumers who do not want to receive telemarketing and telesales calls or SMSs and MMSs, which is prescribed by the Consumer Protection Act.

Traders are obliged to delete all consumers entered in the “DO NOT CALL” consumer register from their call list and may not send them messages or call them to offer their products. Numbers are entered (or removed) by individual operators at requests of their consumers (signatories of contracts with these operators) within seven days from the date of receipt of such a request.
Before your entry in the “DO NOT CALL” register, you can opt to keep all instances of previously given consent for those traders whom you want to allow to contact you or you can withdraw any instance of previously given consent via the application form to (de)register telephone numbers.

The application forms to (de)register telephone numbers in the “DO NOT CALL” register (in hardcopy or electronic format) can be downloaded in the Documents section.

Traders will still be able to call you—irrespective of you telephone number being entered in the “DO NOT CALL” register—if you have not withdrawn previously given consent or have given your consent after entry in the “DO NOT CALL” register as long as you do not withdraw it.

If you no longer remember everyone you have given consent to, you can check the box stating that you are withdrawing all instances of previously given consent. From the moment of your entry in the register, no trader may contact you, so you will subsequently need to give consent to those traders whom you will allow to contact you for telemarketing and telesales purposes.

You can submit your application only to your operator.

The “DO NOT CALL” register is a public register which shows only three pieces of information:
  • Whether a number is entered in the register
  • Whether all instances of previously given consent have been withdrawn
  • Time of entry of a number in the register.

Other information about numbers entered in the “DO NOT CALL” register is not available!

The “DO NOT CALL” register is compiled, kept and maintained in electronic format by the  Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries—HAKOM, and you can check and enter telephone numbers on their website.
The State Inspectorate’s Market Inspection is competent for breaches of the Consumer Protection Act; i.e. contacting numbers entered in the Register for telemarketing purposes.