is not the official e-mail address of the e-Citizens system

Although it may appear legitimate, “” is not the official e-mail address of the e-Citizens system

"We hereby warn all recipients of e-mails from the above-mentioned sender that these are scam e-mails and not to open them or click on any links provided in them. The right mentioned in such e-mails does not exist in the Croatian social welfare system and is therefore fraudulent. We advise you to delete the message and not to reply to it," the police stated.
The subject of the e-mail reads “Potvrda o prihvaćanju automatskog zahtjeva za pomoć u stanovanju” (Confirmation of acceptance of the automatic application for housing assistance), while the content states “zahtjev za pomoć u stanovanju za 2023. godinu automatski odobren” (the application for housing assistance for the year 2023 has been automatically approved) under the “Zakon o socijalnoj skrbi” (Social Welfare Act) (Official Gazette, Nos 18/22 and 46/22)" Housing assistance is not provided for under Croatian legislation, and therefore, it is not covered by the Social Welfare Act.

The second part of the e-mail states that “nakon pregleda prihoda u prošloj godini utvrđeno da je ostvareno pravo na pomoć u iznosu od 250,89 €” (after reviewing the income in the last year, it has been determined that the right to assistance in the amount of €250.89 was realized), and the e-mail also includes a QR code, instructions for scanning it “zbog sigurnosti korisnika” (for user security) and a password.
Scanning that QR code opens a fake website of the e-Citizens system, which is also evident from the domain itself.
The official domain of the e-Citizens system is The fake website offers the possibility of accessing a user account via credentials, and lists the banks whose tokens are used to access the actual user account in the e-Citizens system.
Each of them opens to a very convincing interface for accessing the account using the tokens of each of the banks in question. At the end of the e-mail, there is the signature of the Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy.