e-Tax Administration—form submission

ZPP-DOH form—tax return

Form submission

  • ZPP-DOH form—a request for the acknowledgement of the right to tax benefits in the annual calculation
  • INO–IZJAVA form—a statement of deferral of tax payment or advance tax payment
  • INO-DOH—a report on a resident’s foreign income and a non-resident’s domestic non-taxable income, income tax and surtax
  • JOPPD form—a report on receipts, income tax and surtax, and contributions for mandatory insurance
  • Re-posting—a form for refund and re-posting of tax and contributions enabling taxpayers to electronically create and submit requests for funds re-posting and submission of a request for refund of excess payments.
  • P-DIP form for diplomats—a request for VAT refund to diplomatic and consular missions, special missions and international organisations registered in the Republic of Croatia.

ZPP-DOH form

Citizens who are users of the e-Tax Administration can login to the system with the help of a NIAS credential of a significant level of security (2) and exercise their right to a tax refund by means of the annual calculation in the ZPP-DOH form (request for the acknowledgement of the right to tax benefits in the annual calculation), where they will provide information not available to the Tax Administration. Citizens can submit a request for the acknowledgement of rights in a special procedure in the ZPP-DOH form by the end of February of the current year for the previous year.
The calculator for the annual calculation of income tax and income tax surtax can be used for an estimate calculation and simulation of the difference (payment/refund) of the income tax and income tax surtax amounts.