Who can become an e-Citizen?

e-Citizens—a portal for information and e-services of the Republic of Croatia—can be used by all Croatian citizens, digital nomads and all foreign nationals (EU, non-EU, EEA) with temporary residence in Croatia

You can log in to the portal using one of the accepted digital credentials in the Republic of Croatia.

e-Citizens can be used by:
  1. Croatian citizens
  2. EU citizens with residence in Croatia
  3. Foreign nationals with residence in Croatia
  4. Digital nomads
  5. EU citizens via a cross-border cooperation node.

What is a credential?

In our everyday lives, we use public documents (e.g. ID cards, passports, etc.) to prove our identity. In the digital world of e-Citizens, we use digital credentials—such as an internet banking token—to prove our electronic identity. Check out the list of accepted digital credentials.

Why are levels of security important?

Digital credentials for and e-services of e-Citizens are classified into three security level categories—(3) high, (2) significant and (1) low. Check out the list of accepted digital credentials classified according to their level of security. Once you select a digital credential, filter through the Catalogue of Services according to the level of security to find out which services you can access with your chosen digital credential. The digital credential provides access to services of the same security level and lower.
To find out more about how you can log in to the system, please read How do I log into e-Citizens?