Which documents should I bring?

It is recommended that you obtain public, personal and other documents in advance and bring them with you

Below you can find an informative overview of the public documents and documents which might be required depending on your status and personal procedures initiated before competent national authorities in Croatia:
  • A valid proof of identity which includes a photograph (a travel document)
  • An extract from the birth register/birth certificate
  • A marriage certificate
  • A certificate of free marital status
  • A certificate of life partnership
  • A divorce decree (the original which includes a finality clause)
  • A certificate of no pending criminal proceedings issued by the competent foreign authority of the country of the applicant’s citizenship (for regulating legal temporary stay of adults who do not have Croatian citizenship, but are citizens of third countries, and if they are applying for Croatian citizenship—not older than 6 months)
  • Your student grade book or report cards for primary/secondary education, for each year
  • Your report cards (diplomas) and certificates of completed primary, secondary and higher education (for the purpose of continuation of education and enrolment in educational institutions, recognition of a foreign diploma or finding employment)
  • An official document issued by the higher education institution where you have completed your studies which contains the following information: exams passed with grades received, official name and length of the study programme and requirements for enrolment (e.g. a diploma supplement for the purpose of recognition of a foreign qualification)
  • A driving licence or international driving licence
  • Proof of ownership of your vehicle (the vehicle registration certificate and the sale and purchase agreement/invoice for purchase of the vehicle)
  • A certificate of temporary residence abroad (for the purpose of shipping household goods from third countries)
  • A list of household goods/personal property items (for the procedure of exemption from payment of customs duties for shipping household goods from a third country)
  • Official vaccination records 
  • Proof/certificate of health insurance coverage (by application of the European Union regulations and international treaties on social insurance)   
  • Medical records (prescriptions, findings and opinions, X-rays, dental chart, etc.)
  • An international health certificate for your pet (a certificate of veterinary inspection) or your pet’s passport
  • A valid travel insurance policy (for citizens of third countries with which the RC has not concluded a treaty on social and health insurance)
For further information about using foreign public documents in the Republic of Croatia and whether you will need to have your documents legalised/certified, please read the article Certification of foreign and national public documents.
Information on legalisation/certification of documents can also be requested in the competent diplomatic mission or consular office of the Republic of Croatia abroad.
Since the European Union provides common rules for the protection of your rights from the social security system gained in 27 EU Member States, European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway, please ask the point of contact in the country where you have gained your right about the form/certificate you will need in Croatia.