Plan your repatriation/immigration

Before you come to Croatia

When making and following through with a decision which will result in such a major change for you and your family, it is important to be informed about what to expect when you reach your destination

Croatian citizenship

You can apply for Croatian citizenship in the competent diplomatic mission or consular office of the Republic of Croatia

Learning Croatian

If you want to learn Croatian, there are several ways to do it

Shipping household goods into the Republic of Croatia

Find out what are the terms of shipping personal property items from European Union Member States and third countries and obtain exemption from payment of customs duties and value-added tax

Which documents should I bring?

It is recommended that you obtain public, personal and other documents in advance and bring them with you

Movement of pets

If you are bringing a pet to the Republic of Croatia, you need to keep in mind the necessary documents and which points of entry allow entry of pets